Bespoke Level Surveys

Almost any form of level survey can be undertaken depending on the information which is required.

Surveys can be carried out on grids to varying sizes e.g 0.5m, 1m, 2m , 3m etc. Surveys of specified areas or construction items e.g at columns, pile caps, rack leg locations, manholes, dock levellers, rails or slab edges can also be undertaken or included with the grid survey.

Survey data can then be analysed to provide a set of reduced level readings highlighting:

Examples of when this is required include:

Setting Levels

The Face Abrasion Tester and equipment

Assistance in setting levels during construction can also be given e.g. construction joints, formwork, manholes, laser screed levels and screw levelling prior to pumping screeds to high tolerances. Please call +44 (0) 1484 600090 today to discuss your requirements or get in touch with our experts online.

Optical Equipment

Face Engineer carrying out abrasion tests on site

Face Consultants Ltd use optical equipment – Engineers precise level fitted with a parallel plate micrometer and Invar staff for reading levels to 0.1mm.

Other Floor Testing Services & Solutions

Bespoke Level Surveys

Bespoke Level Surveys

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Using the latest in DIGITAL

Floor flatness testing equipment including profileographs, DINmeters and F-Speed reader

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